How to Create a Product CTA on Facebook - Just 2 Steps
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How to Create a Product CTA on Facebook – Just 2 Steps

Facebook has slowly been pushing out a new feature to business’ Facebook pages. Soon after pages layout began rolling out, people started reporting a new feature when creating a Facebook post.



“To provide Page admins with more tools to drive organic product discovery, we’re testing the ability to tag products in photos, videos and posts,” said a Facebook Spokesman.

This is a great opportunity for both small and large businesses on Facebook to both advertise organically while still providing great content.

You may have started seeing these around – One regular business I see use this is feature is Bones Coffee – Most likely due the amount of coffee I search, engage, and drink coffee.

Here is one of their ads – Which I have to admit sounds pretty interesting:


Clicking on the product below brings up an ecommerce style view where a click directs you to a PayPal link where you can order immediately.



Here is how you can set it up yourself

(Note: This feature is still rolling out – there are some pages that still do not have this ability.)

Fly over to your facebook page and click to begin a post.

You’ll see in the bottom corner of the post editor a shopping bag icon (possibly with this blue notification window).


Click that icon will bring up a window where you can enter in a product you may have posted before – or a new product.


If this is your first time, you’ll need to make a product.


Upload a photo of your product and fill out the name, price, description, as well as the checkout URL (like the PayPal screen in Bones Coffee example).

Once you save your product it will be saved on your page unless you delete it (so remember if you run out of stock).

And there you go! You have your post. Make sure to upload a relative and engaging photo as well as a good description of your product.

While we don’t recommend this be your every post on Facebook, this starts bridging the gap between content and advertising. It will be interesting how we see this utilizing in the next few months!

What do you think of product tags on Facebook? Convenient or tacky?