The 3 Best Free Social Media Tools to Start Using This Year!
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The 3 Best Free Social Media Tools to Start Using This Year!

Are you looking to get a bit more out of your social media efforts in 2017? It’s that magical time of year to start thinking about where you are wanting to put your effort, time, and budget in.

To get you started on the right track, we are going to review some of the best free social media tools that have popped up or grown in popularity within the past year. These tools will help you:

  • Gather leads from other’s (even competitors!) content
  • Give people the ability to easily share your content
  • Minimize the time spent on different social media channels


Start A Fire

startafireSocial media and content marketing is all about providing value to your leads and customers. That generally means on social media, you can’t always be about promoting yourself.

So how can you share someone else’s content while still proving useful to you? That is where Start A Fire comes in.

Start A Fire is a free application where you can advertise your content on the pages you share. It easily integrates with social media tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and even Hubspot for even easier use.

While it is putting a small box on the screen, it is very subtle and does not interfere on how users view the content (no giant pop-up box on mobile). There is also analytics attached to this tool that allows you to see how many impressions and clicks you have received and on what article.


best-free-social-media-toolsSumoMe is a great tool to do a lot of things from heatmaps, to share buttons.

Their tool offers the ability to easily add share buttons right within your content across all website platforms. Their share button design is styled to be responsive to mobile devices and unobtrusive or inconvenient for your visitors.

SumoMe has become the staple social share tool on most websites because their free accounts offer a majority of what you need!

IFTTT (If This Than That)

We can’t talk about the best free social media tools without talking about IFTTT. There are hundreds of thousands of things IFTTT can do: From morning wake up calls with the current weather conditions from Weather Underground to text notifications every time an astronaut enters space.

While it seems like this more of a tool for play, it can just be powerful for your business.

Here are some cool things you can easily setup on IFTTT (Click to get access):

Think we left something out of our best free social media tools – Let us know!