Secret: This Is How Your Competitors Advertise on Facebook
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Secret: This Is How Your Competitors Advertise on Facebook

Ok – I have something I have wanted to share with you all for some time.

This is a trick I have been using to research how people advertise on Facebook.

I am not even sure it is 100% common knowledge or not – but it is something that lets you see some key demographic targeting of ad campaigns on Facebook.

And it only takes a few clicks.

If you are anything like me you have taken some time to look at your competitor’s website, creeped on their Facebook page, or checked out their latest downloadable offer. Than, a few days later, you are scrolling through your Facebook feed you see ads from your competitor.

This is where we get our information.

The next time you notice an ad from your competitor in your newsfeed, click the drop-down menu on the top right of the ad and hit “Why am I seeing this?”

why-am-i-seeing-this-2This will pop up a screen bring up a few different pieces of information:

  • An explanation of why you are seeing this ad
  • An option to edit your ad preferences
  • A question if this ad was relevant to you or not


The information we want to focus on is the information at the top.

While it isn’t a full story of how your competitors we see a few key targets:

  • Types of users they are targeting
  • What age range they are targeting
  • Where locations are they targeting

Here are a few examples:

This first ad was only targeting people 27 – 55 that live in the United States. It states that it the ad is also targeted to me due to my connections and engagements I’ve made through my profile.


In this example, you can see that is targeting people who have previously visited their website. There are also added age demographics (18+) in Rochester, MN


This last example is an example of targeted a Lookalike Audience. These are ads targeted to individuals who have similar interests to their website visitors, customers, or Facebook followers.


Another quick trick with this method is to go back to the ad on your feed and click the drop-down menu again and hit “Create Similar Ad”.


This will create the same type of campaign your competitor created for that ad!

While this is a cool trick to spy on your competitors – Just remember it is just as transparent for your ads!