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These 5 Rochester News Outlets Will Help You Get Higher Positions on Google!

We all know that getting featured on your local news media can help with building your brand – But do you know that it can also help you start ranking higher in Google?

Getting a news story on air or in a print publication is great, but that won’t help your Google rankings. Having your story published on their website (along with a link to your website) is where you start seeing results.

But how?


You may have heard the term backlinking. The term kind of sizzled out into obscurity after the early 2000’s.

A backlink is a link on a resource, sourcing another resource. This could be a blog post linking to another website’s blog post or referencing a business by linking to their homepage.

In this case it is a new agency linking to your website within an article.

The old rule of thumb to backlinking in the early 2000’s was:
“Get as many as you can, as fast as you can” – Google caught on.

People adapted and started new methods. Backlinking took a backseat.

What most won’t tell you – Backlinks are STILL relevant.
But the difference is: Focus on quality rather than quantity.

How is quality measured? One of the best measurement is Domain Authority (DA).

What is Domain Authority?

Here is the definition of Domain Authority – Straight from MOZ:

Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines.

To determine Domain Authority, we employ machine learning against Google’s algorithm to best model how search engine results are generated. Over 40 signals are included in this calculation.

Why Does Domain Authority Matter?

As Google and other search engines adapt, they slowly batman-chin-rubweed out content and websites that are out-of-date, low quality, or provide a  poor user experience.

Websites are rewarded for their quality of content, the age of their domain, and quality backlinks from quality sources. One consistent industry that tends to have high Domain Authority is local online news.

Getting your business featured (even just once) by one of these local stations can help you boost your search ranking.. That is why you NEVER turn down an interview – Just saying :).

I reviewed some of the top local news sources in Rochester, MN to see which source would provide the best backlinks.

Note: we are looking for a minimum of 20 on the Domain Authority scale)









The Med City Beat


*You will notice Med City Beat age is much lower than the other local sources. This will drop your DA. But for its age and current score, in a few years they should EASILY catch up!

Current Winner: Post-Bulletin

While getting a backlink from any of these news sources would improve your search ranking – Getting a backlink from the Post-Bulletin is currently the top source!

Getting a link doesn’t just happen – You can’t call up KAAL and ask for a news story. But reaching out and following local news personalities on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook, can help to build a relationship and when a topic comes up that is newsworthy,you can hopefully be there as a source for the media.


One last thing to think about – While I’ve mentioned that getting good press on local news stations can help your search ranking – so can negative press. (The old, “Any News is Good News” adage.)

Backlinks are non-discriminatory when it comes to news coverage. That means if a business was covered for unsavory practice (for example), and their website is linked at any point – they are benefiting in Google Search because of this bad press.