PPC Optimization: Our 4 Favorite Resources for Your Next Campaign!
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PPC Optimization: Our 4 Favorite Resources for Your Next Campaign!

It’s not just 95 characters or an image on a webpage. PPC optimization has been a top conversation for some time and the amount of knowledge on the subject could fill libraries. The only downside to this information is it becomes dated – fast. It could take weeks to document the amount of changes campaigns take on throughout the months.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have that time. In the future we plan to be a great resource to everything PPC, social media, and inbound marketing. But in terms of PPC optimization – These are some of the best resources you could ask for…


This website will keep you busy for days! They have a ton of content: They blog at least once a day, the have a ton of free downloadables (like this one), and even have a PPC U – Where advanced users can push their knowledge far as it can go.




PPC Hero has been an internet favorite for years. With a crap ton of free content, it’s like they are giving all their knowledge away. Personally, my favorite are the on demand webinars, but they also have a ton of free white papers, industry reports, and toolkits.



PPC optimization/r/PPC

Reddit makes  some people nervous – but there is a TON of knowledge on this the PPC Subreddit (/r/PPC). While other resources above have free tools to get your PPC optimization rolling, this is a great place for those times where you have the big questions. “Can I do this?” – “How can I do this better?” Or even, “I don’t know what the hell I am doing.”


ppc-optimizationInbound.Org PPC Channel

This one is like a 2-in-1 Combo. If you are not familiar with Inbound.org you need to check this out now! It is a growing community of Marketers that discuss the growing trends in marketing world. While they focus on a lot on inbound marketing, There is a dedicated to PPC optimization. There are a ton of great articles but you can also ask questions and get opinions![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]