Calling Impostors: Commit to Your Inbound Marketing Strategies
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Calling All Impostors: Commit to Your Inbound Marketing Strategies


“If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself” – Paulo Coelho



First Ask Yourself: Are You Truly Invested in Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the most important type of marketing as far as promoting yourself online goes. Essentially, inbound marketing means trying to increase the number of customers and consumers who manage to find your content. The difference here, is that your customers are finding you instead of being interrupted by your message.

An advert on a video for instance is not an example of inbound marketing. This isoutbound marketing because you’re sending messages out and thereby interrupting people who will most likely just be irritated by your marketing message. Other examples of outbound marketing include cold calling, spam e-mails, junk mail… etc.

Inbound marketing on the other hand means creating amazing content that people can find themselves through search engines or YouTube and it means guest posting and setting up social media channels. Ultimately, it means building roads to your business and encouraging people to travel towards them.

This works a thousand times better because now the people visiting your site are people who actually want to be there and who are interested in what you have to offer. This makes a whole world of difference and means the traffic you’re working so hard for is far more likely to be made up of future customers.

The question is though, are you really committed to this kind of marketing? Because unlike simply paying for an ad, it involves work and time investment.

Working on Inbound Marketing in Your ‘Spare Time’ is Not Enough!

A lot of bloggers looking to become successful will write a blog, update it occasionally and then wonder why they’re not making thousands of dollars a month.

The simple answer? For a blog to bring in a full time profit, you need to work on itfull time.

The same goes for any small business employing these marketing methods to try and drive more traffic and customers. You can’t upload a few articles, post the occasional link and expect to see real change. The more you put in, the more you get out. Create an article and even without any extra effort to promote it, it will likely generate a few hits a day. Create five of those articles a week and you’d be getting a large amount of traffic organically before you lifted a finger to do any marketing.

Meanwhile, every time you get a link on a prominent blog, you open yourself up to a new audience and you start bringing in a large amount of targeted traffic. The more you do this, the more you scale your operations and the more your site will be inundated with fresh visitors.

Are You Willing to Create Enough Content to be Relevant?

The internet is a big place. If you write a few articles a month, then you’re simply going to be a drop in a pond: you won’t be creating enough content to be truly relevant.

On the other hand, if you’re constantly weighing in on discussions in your industry/niche, if you’re regularly being featured on the top blogs and aggregate sites and if people are consistently stumbling across your content when they search Google… then you start to position yourself as a thought leader and as a major player in your field.

A lot of people are afraid to invest too much time or money into content creation to begin with, as they fear it won’t pay off. In reality though, this offers fantastic ROI as long as you’re willing to put in the time and to be consistent with your efforts. Take the leap and really commit to your inbound marketing.

Take Time to Share What You Have Created

It’s no good just creating your content though, you also have to get it out there. That means sharing to social media, it means writing guest posts and it means submitting it to other locations.

The key here is to find the demographic or ‘persona’ that your content is targeted for and to post in places where they’ll already be looking for your content. Again, this is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing and it’s the difference between small and massive results.

A good example of doing this would be to post your content to a social media community (like a LinkedIn Group,  try and get it featured on a new aggregation site (like Digg), or to share it to a Sub Reddit. And don’t be afraid to combine subjects in order to attract new audiences. If you have a website on fitness, then writing a post on fitness for bloggers means you can now share with blogging forums!

Don’t Copy Your Competitors – Be Better, Do Better and BE UNIQUE!

Finally, make sure you recognize the type of content that actually succeeds when shared and that people are actually looking for.

The mistake that too many bloggers and businesses make is to generate content that is dull, boring and derivative. How many times have you read articles on ‘How to Get a Six Pack’ or ’10 Types of Pec Exercise’? This stuff is done to death and nobody is going to be eager to read it.

If your niche is fitness then, you should instead be looking for articles on new training methods, recent research or perhaps the role of core strength in balance. Likewise, if you have a blog on investing, don’t just make lists of ways to invest money – write about the trading lifestyle, or the psychological impact of a bad investment. You know… interesting stuff. Stuff that you would want to actually read. Stuff that you haven’t seen on countless other sites…

If you can do this and if you can create enough of that sort of content then people will start seeking you out. You’ll become a useful resource for anyone interested in the subjects you write about and at that point, you’ll have the ear of your market.

This is how you do inbound marketing right. Invest some time and effort and the rewards will be phenomenal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]