10 Case Studies That Took Social Media Conversions to The Next Level
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10 Case Studies That Took Social Media Conversions to The Next Level

We have all heard great success stories from Facebook, fellow businesses, and even on television. They captivate their audience in a way you have trouble achieving. It isn’t your fault…It’s just about finding the right opportunity, the right position, the right focus.

To get the creative juices flowing I have collected 10 of these awesome social media case studies that break records when it it comes to social media traffic and conversions!

Behind The Scenes Of Oreo’s Real-Time Super Bowl Slam Dunk

Last night, Oreo hit it big with a real-time marketing effort that became the talk–and tweet–of the Super Bowl. The “you can still dunk in the dark” tweet was retweeted almost 15,000 times. Oreo’s Twitter following, meanwhile, increased by about 8,000. The blackout post garnered nearly 20,000 likes on Facebook. Read More >

Twitter for B2B Marketing Case Studies: Four Ways How Tweets Lead to Business

With an estimated user base that is now double that of LinkedIn at more than 200 million users, Twitter is less about what we are doing now and more about becoming a channel for customer service, consumer campaigns, and big brands to engage with their present and potential customers.  Needless to say, with the mass usage and attention to tweeting on the Internet, many businesses have taken advantage of the site for its marketing potential. Read More>

5 Brilliantly Creative Campaigns That Used Twitter

Twitter has been evolving over the last couple of years, going from a brilliant social tool to a media platform that is turning into a pay to play solution just like Facebook. Brands can still use it for customer service, brand building and to engage with their customers, but they are having to be increasingly creative to do so. This week, we look at five of the best campaigns run by brands that had creativity at their core. Read More >

Case Studies: 3 Unique & Successful Twitter Strategies

There is more than one right answer to the question of how to build a great Twitter strategy.

However, everyone agrees you must carefully manage your account, known as the handle in twitter-speak, as the first step to build your Twitter program. So, how many people can tweet on behalf of your brand or organization? Read More >[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]