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Turn Social Media Traffic into Conversions With These 7 Marketing Mantras

Social media can be a rich source of inbound customers if you use it correctly…But on a regular basis I tend to get asked the question, “How do I turn my social media traffic into conversions?”

The goal is to get the buyer to start by discovering you through social media and end up becoming a conversion at the end of the process. To do this, you’ll need a solid strategy and campaign strongly focused around your inbound marketing efforts.
Here are seven steps to taking a follower and creating a customer out of them.

Kill the Stigma: Be Honest

People see Marketers like used car dealers…They think there is something behind everything…When their isn’t. So show them – Be Transparent.

You are not a magician; they don’t like to be surprised. If your campaign goal is that you want your social media traffickers to spend money, you can’t surprise them with it. You don’t have to be as forthcoming as the subtitle suggests but your followers need to be subtly made aware that you have a social media account as part of a marketing strategy.

Stand Out

One area where many businesses fail is that they create a social media account that is just like everyone else’s. If you want your customers to care enough to follow the path to the landing page you need to be enticing, otherwise they may not even follow you in the first place.

Offer customers something that they can’t get from your competitors. There are millions of free ebooks people can download…What’s so special about yours?

Be Something Someone Wants to Care About

If you want customers to click your links and follow your recommendations, you’re going to need to be intriguing. You want to create social media posts that will make them so curious about what is on the other side of the link that they can’t help but click.

Make Their Time Investment Valuable

After you entice someone to click on a link that you provide it is only fair that you follow it up with something of value that they can use. If you send them to your blog and provide them with a mediocre post after creating a killer link you probably won’t hook them the next time.

No One Likes a Wallflower – Be Social

Remember, the purpose of social media is to be social. You want to provide them with a social experience most of the time and when you do post a link that you want them to follow they will be much more apt to click it. If you constantly promote yourself with every tweet or Facebook post you aren’t going to keep followers very long and they definitely aren’t going to click on your links.

Stay Consistent

You need to make sure you stick to a basic schedule when posting and creating blog posts. For example: if you blog once a week consistently you will get more clicks than if you spend three weeks posting nothing and then post four times in one week. If you give your followers something to expect and then deliver consistently, you’ll have much more success in getting clicks.

Be Thankful – Keep Them Delighted

Don’t forget to say thank you once in awhile. Social media followers will appreciate it and remember it when you thank them for following, for reading your blog or for spending money on your products or services.

They also appreciate something of value for their commitment…Extra free offers, templates, checklists, or even a follow up email or tweet can keep them coming back.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]